Cleric Domains

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AIR Uncanny Dodge Call Lightning Gaseous Form Chain Lightning Gust of Wind Airball
ANIMAL Animal Companion Hold Animal Cat's Grace Dominate Animal Greater Magic Fang Conjure Animals
CAVERN Stonecunning Darkness Camouflage Wall of stone Find the Path Pass Wall Earthquake Mass Pass Wall
CHAOS Slippery Mind Color Spray Magic Circle against alignment Confusion Word of Faith Mind Fog Prismatic Spray Chaos
CHARM 1/day Eagle's Splendor Charm Person Animal Trance Charm Monster Mind Fog Chaos Charm Monster, Mass Dominate Monster
COLD 5/- Cold resistance Ice darts Hypothermia Ice storm Cone of Cold Wall of Ice Polar Ray Burst of glacial Wrath
DARKNESS Blind Fight Darkness Blindness/Deafness Conjure Shadows Call Shadow Pack Shadow Conjuration Power Word Blind Power Word Kill
DEATH Shadow Summon Death Knell DeathSight Phantasmal Killer Destruction Army of Death Power Word Kill
DESTRUCTION Smite Infidel Inflict Moderate Wounds Inflict Serious Wounds Rage Harm Acid Fog Disintegrate Storm of Vengeance
DROW Lighting Reflex Faerie Fire Clairaudience/Clairvoyance Charm Person Spidershape Greater Dispel Magic Planar Ally, Greater Gate
DWARF Great Fortitude Foundation of Stone Glyph of Warding Greater Magic Weapon Passwall Deadly Lahar Protection from Spells Elemental Swarm
EARTH Toughness Spike Growth Stoneskin Energy Immunity Wall of Stone Earthquake
ELF Point Blank Shot True Strike Cat's Gace Tree Stride Commune with Nature Find the Path Liveoak Sunburst
EVIL Turn Outsiders Desecrate Magic Circle against alignment Black Tentacles Word of Faith Unholy Aura Weird
FIRE 5/- Fire resistance Burning hands Fireball Elemental Shield Wall of Fire Fire Seeds Fire Storm Incendiary Cloud Meteor Swarm
FURY Battlemaster Enlarge Person Rage Shout Song of Discord Warcry Greater Shout
FATE Uncanny Dodge True Strike Scrying Bestow Curse Greater Bestow Curse Foresight
GNOME Spell Focus Illusion Shadow Conjuration Shadow Door Non-Detection Programmed Image Solipsism Elemental Swarm
GOOD Aura of Courage Aid Magic Circle against Alignment Lesser Planar Binding Word of Faith Aura versus Alignment Hiltater's Greater Misdirection
HALFLING Sacred Stealth Cat's Grace Magic Vestment Freedom of Movement Wall Of Stone Shadow Walk Greater Teleportation Foresight
HATRED Bestow Curse Righteous Might Song of Discord Dimensional Lock Wail of the Banshee
HEALING Empowered Healing Cure moderate Wounds Cure serious Wounds Cure Critical Wounds Cure light wounds Mass Heal Rejuvenation cocoon Heal Mass
ILLUSION Disguise Self Ghostly Visage Phantasmal Killer Disguise Other Programmed Image Solipsism Weird
KNOWLEDGE Identify Knock Claivoyance True Seeing Legend Lore Find the path Analyze Dweomer Foresight
LAW Iron Will Lionheart Magic Circle against alignment Detect Charm Hold Monster Word of Faith Mass Hold person Mass hold monster
LUCK Luck of Heroes Aid Freedom of movement Shadow Door Spell Mantle Prismatic Spray
MAGIC Melf's Acid Arrow Assay Resistance Aeili's astrological augment Greater Dispel Magic Spell Mantle Protection from Spells Greater Teleport Mass hold monster
MOON Turn shapeshifters Fairie Fire Moonblade Moon bolt Confusion Chaos Hiss of Sleep Moonfire
ORC Smite Good Cause Fear Scorching Ray Divine Power Hovering Skull Finger of Death (7) Power Word Kill (9)</i>
PLANT Woodland Stride Entangle Barkskin Poison Mass camouflage Vine Mine Wall of Thorns Aura of vitality
PLANNING Augury Clairaudience/Clairvoyance Stoneskin Hilater's misdirection Greater Scrying Premonition Battle Precognition
PORTAL Stabilize Portal Analyze Portal Teleport Seal Portal Greater Teleport Gate Teleportation Circle
PROTECTION Divine protection Shield Other Stoneskin Energy Immunity Protection from spells Sanctuary Mind Blank
RENEWAL 1/day 3d6+Cha healed when below 0 HP Charm Person Remove Disease Freedom of Movement Raise Dead Rejuvenation Cocoon Greater Restoration
RETRIBUTION Death Armor Thorn Skin Elemental Shield Duelward Reflect Pain Storm of Vengeance
SPIDER Turn spiders Exterminate Spiderskin Poison Spidershape Summon spider Web Creeping Doom
SPELL Skill focus (Spellcraft) Mage Armor Anyspell Greater Anyspell
STORM 5/ electricity Gust of Wind Call Lightning Arc of Lightning Ice Storm Call Lightning Storm Chain Lightning Whirlwind
STRENGTH Divine Strength Bull's Strength Magic Vestment Divine Power Righteous Might
SUFFERING Bear's Endurance Enervation Harm Beltyn's burning blood Dirge Energy Drain Horrid Wilting
SUN Exceptional turning Searing Light Flame Strike Elemental Shield FireSeeds Sunbeam Sunburst
TRADE Reputation Appraising Touch Identify Sending True Seeing Protection from Spells Mind Blank
TRAVEL Longstrider Dimension Door Teleport Find the Path Greater Teleport Mass Pass Wall
TRICKERY Feint Grease Invisiblity Non-detection Shadow Door Mislead Solipsism
TYRANNY Spell focus Enchantment Scare Fear Dominate Person Charm Monster Dominate Monster
UNDEATH Extra turning Desecrate Animate Dead Deathward Create Undead Create Greater Undead Energy Drain
WAR Weapon Focus Caltrops Flame Strike Tanglefoot Power Word Blind Power Word Stun Power Word Kill
WATER Evasion Water Breathing Poison Ice Storm Cone of Cold Acid Fog Horrid Wilting