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A deity is a member of a pantheon (or other demigod or entity) that is worshipped on Faerun (and other worlds).

At character creation, one must choose a deity from a list of 108 Forgotten Realms deities. These are common deities worshipped and include pantheons from remote areas like Mulhorand and Chult, but not other powers like archdevils and paragons. If a character's current deity is not compatible with his current alignment or class, the deity will need to be changed to one that actually fits the character.

UPDATE: As of 11-5-2018 the pantheons of Unther and Mulhorand were implemented on the server. UPDATE: As of 16-4-2019 Tethrin Veraldé,Vandria Gilmadrith,Melira Taralen were implemented on the server.

Deity List[edit]

The following deities are used in NWN2. Players may also opt to worship no deity at all (unless class requires one).

Faerun deities[edit]

Deity Title Alignment Favored Weapon Cleric Alignment Domains
Ao The Overgod

Lord Ao

The Hidden One

True neutral Longsword None
Akadi Queen of Air

The Lady of Air

Lady of the Winds

Queen of Air Elementals

True neutral Flail N, NG, NE, LN, CN Air, Chaos, Magic, Trickery, Travel, Illusion
Auril Frostmaiden


The Cold Goddess

Lady Frostkiss

Neutral evil Battleaxe CN, NE, LN Air, Cold, Evil, Water, Storm
Azuth The High One

Patron of Wizards

The Lord of Spells

The Hand of Sorcery

The Lord of Spellcraft

Lawful neutral Quarterstaff LE, LN, LG Knowledge, Law, Magic, Protection, Illusion, Spell
Bane The Black Lord

Lord Bane

The Lord of Darkness

The Black Hand

The Dark One

Lawful evil Morningstar LE, LN, NE Destruction, Evil, Law, War, Tyranny, *Hatred
Beshaba The Maid of Misfortune

Black Bess

Lady Doom

The Maid of Misrule

Chaotic evil Flail CN, CE, NE Chaos, Evil, Luck, Trickery, Fate
Bhaal Lord of Murder Lawful evil Shortsword LN, LE, NE ,CE Death, Destruction, Evil, Trickery
Chauntea The Great Mother

The Grain Goddess

The Golden Goddess

She Who Shapes All

Neutral good Scythe CG, LG, NG, N Animal, Earth, Good, Plant, Protection, *Renewal
Deneir Lord of All Glyphs and Images

The Scribe of Oghma

Neutral good Dagger CG, LG, NG Good, Knowledge, Luck, Protection
Eldath Goddess of Singing Waters

The Quiet One

Mother Guardian of Groves

The Green Goddess

The Mother of the Waters

Neutral good Unarmed strike CG, LG, NG Good, Plant, Protection, Water
Gond Wonderbringer

The Lord of All Smiths

The Inspiration Divine

The Holy Maker of All Things

True neutral Warhammer Any Earth, Fire, Knowledge, Luck, Planning
Grumbar Boss of Earth


Gnarly One

King of the Land Below the Roots

Boss of the Earth Elementals

True neutral Warhammer N, LN, CN, NG, NE Darkness, Earth, Law, Luck, Cavern
Helm He of the Unsleeping Eyes

The Watcher

The Vigilant

The Vigilant One

The Great Guard

The God of Guardians

Lawful neutral Bastard sword LG, LN, LE Law, Protection, Strength, War, Planning
Ibrandul Lord of the Dry Depths

The Skulking God

Lurker in Darkness

Chaotic neutral Quarterstaff CG, N, CN, NE, CE Chaos, Darkness, Travel, Trickery, Cavern
Ilmater The Crying God

The Lord on the Rack

The One Who Endures

The Broken One

Lawful good Unarmed strike LG, LN, NG Good, Healing, Law, Strength, Suffering
Istishia The Water Lord

God-King of Water Elementals

True neutral Warhammer N, CN, LN, NE, NG Air, Destruction, Chaos, Water, Storm, Travel
Kossuth The Lord of Flames

The Firelord

The Tyrant Among Fire

Tyrant Among Fire Elementals

True neutral Flail N, CN, NG, NE, LN, LG, LE (Kossuth has Lawful tendencies) Destruction, Fire, Fury, Healing, Suffering, *Renewal
Lathander Morninglord Neutral good Mace CG, LG, NG Good, Protection, Strength, Sun, Renewal
Leira Lady of the Mists

Mother of Illusionists

The Guardian of Liars

The Mistshadow

Chaotic neutral Kukri CG, CN, CE, TN Trickery, Magic, Darkness, Air, Illusion
Lliira Our Lady of Joy


the Goddess of Joy

Mistress of the Revels

Chaotic good Shuriken CN, NG, CG Chaos, Good, Magic, Trickery, Travel
Loviatar Maiden of Pain

The Willing Whip

Patroness of Torturers

Lawful evil Flail LN, NE, LE Evil, Fury, Law, Strength, Suffering, *Retribution
Malar The Beastlord

Lord of Beasts

The Black-Blooded Pard

The Ravaging Bear

Chaotic evil Unarmed strike CE, CN, NE Animal, Evil, Chaos, Strength, Moon
Mask Master of All Thieves


Lord of Shadows

Neutral evil Longsword LE, NE, CE Darkness, Evil, Luck, Trickery
Mielikki Our Lady of the Forest

The Supreme Ranger

Daughter to Silvanus

Neutral good Scimitar LG, NG, CG Animal, Good, Luck, Plant, Travel
Milil Lord of Song

The Lord of All Songs

Guardian of Singers and Troubadours

The One True Hand of All-Wise Oghma

Neutral good Rapier LG, NG, CG Good, Knowledge, Luck, Trickery
Myrkul Lord of Bones

Old Lord Skull

The Reaper,

Lord of the Dead

Neutral evil Scythe LE, NE, CE Darkness, Death, Evil, War, Travel
Mystra The Lady of Mysteries

The Mother of All Magic,

Our Lady of Spells

Neutral good Shuriken CG, NG, LG, LN, LE (Mystra was formerly lawful neutral) Knowledge, Law, Magic, Protection, Spell
Oghma The Binder of What is Known

The Lord of Knowledge

Patron of Bards

The Wise God

True neutral Longsword Any Chaos, Knowledge, Luck, Trickery, Travel
Selûne Our Lady of Silver

The Moonmaiden

The Night White Lady

Chaotic good Morningstar CG, CN, NG Chaos, Darkness, Good, Protection, Travel, Moon
Shar Mistress of the Night

The Lady of Loss


Dark Lady

Dark Goddess

Neutral evil Shortsword CE, NE, LE Darkness, Evil, Knowledge, Trickery, Illusion
Shaundakul The Rider of the Winds

The Helping Hand

Chaotic neutral Greatsword CG, CN, CE Air, Chaos, Luck, Protection, Travel, Trade, Portal
Silvanus Oak Father

The Forest Father

The Old Oak


Old Father Tree

True neutral Warmace N, NG, CN, LN, NE Animal, Plant, Healing, Protection, Water, *Renewal
Sune Firehair

Lady Firehair

The Lady of Love,

The Princess of Passion

Chaotic good Flail CN, CG, NG Chaos, Good, Protection, Luck
Talona Lady of Poison

Mistress of Disease

She of the Deadly Kiss

Mother of All Plagues

Chaotic evil Unarmed strike CN, CE, NE Chaos, Death, Destruction, Evil, Suffering
Talos The Destroyer

The Racing One

The Stormstar

The Storm Lord

Chaotic evil Spear CE, NE, CN Air, Chaos, Evil, Destruction, Fury, Storm
Tempus Lord of Battles


Chaotic neutral Battleaxe CN, CG, CE Chaos, Protection, Strength, War
Torm The True

The True God

The Brave

The Loyal Fury

Lawful good Greatsword NG, LG, LN Good, Healing, Law, Protection, Strength
Tymora Lady Luck

The Lady Who Smiles

Our Smiling Lady

Chaotic good Shuriken CN, CG, NG Chaos, Good, Luck, Protection, Travel
Tyr The Even-Handed


The Maimed God,

The Wounded One

The Just God

Lawful good Longsword LG, LN, NG Good, Knowledge, Law, War, *Retribution
Ubtao Creator of Chult

Founder of Mezro

Father of the Dinosaurs

True neutral Sickle NG, LN, N, CN, NE Animal, Knowledge, Plant, Protection, Planning
Umberlee The Bitch Queen

Sea Queen

Queen of the Deeps

Chaotic evil Halberd CN, CE, NE Chaos, Destruction, Evil, Water, Storm
Uthgar Battle Father

Father of the Uthgardt

Chaotic neutral Battleaxe NG, CG, CN, N, CE, NE Animal, Strength, Chaos, War, Retribution
Waukeen Merchants' Friend True neutral Club N, LN, CN, NG, NE Knowledge, Luck, Protection, Trickery, Travel, Trade

Elven deities[edit]

Deity Title Alignment Favored Weapon Cleric Alignment Domains
Aerdrie Faenya The Wiged Mother

Lady of Air and Wind

Queen of the Avariel,

She of the Azure Plumage

Bringer of Rain and Storms

Chaotic good Quarterstaff CG, CN, NG Air, Animal, Chaos, Good, Storm, Elf
Angarradh The Triune Goddess

The One and the Three

The Union of the Three

Queen of Arvandor

Chaotic good Spear CG, CN, NG Chaos, Good, Healing, Knowledge, Plant, Protection, *Renewal, Elf
Corellon Larethian Creator of the Elves, The Protector

First of the Seldarine

Protector and Preserver of Life

Ruler of All Elves

Coronal of Arvandor

Patron of Sun Elves

Chaotic good Longsword CG, CN, NG Chaos, Good, Protection, War, Magic, Elf
Deep Sashelas Lord of the Undersea

The Dolphin Prince

The Knowledgeable One

Sailor's Friend

The Creator

Chaotic good Spear NG, CG, CN Chaos, Good, Knowledge, Water, Elf
Erevan Ilesere The Trickster, The Chameleon

The Green Changeling

The Evershifting Shapechanger

The Fey Jester

The Jack of the Seelie Court

Chaotic neutral Shortsword CG, CN, CE Chaos, Darkness, Luck, Trickery, Elf
Fenmarel Mestarine The Lone Wolf Chaotic neutral Dagger CG, CN, CE Animal, Chaos, Luck, Plant, Elf
Hanali Celanil The Heart of Gold

Winsome Rose

Archer of Love

Kiss of Romance

Lady Goldheart

Chaotic good Dagger CG, CN, NG Chaos, Good, Magic, Protection, Elf
Melira Taralen The Songstress

Patron of Bards and Minstrels

Chaotic good Rapier NG, CG, CN Chaos, Elf, Good, Charm, Elf
Labelas Enoreth The Lifegiver

Lord of the Continuum

The One-Eyed God

The Philosopher

The Sage at Sunset

Chaotic good Quarterstaff CG, CN, NG Chaos, Good, Luck, Knowledge, Elf
Rillfane Rallathil The Leaflord, The Wild One

The Great Oak, The Many-Branched

The Many-Limbed

Old Man of the Yuirwood

Patron of Wild Elves

Chaotic good Quarterstaff CG, CN, NG Chaos, Good, Plant, Protection, Elf
Sehanine Moonbow Daughter of the Night Skies

Goddess of Moonlight

The Lunar Lady, Moonlit Mystery

The Mystic Seer, The Luminous Cloud

Lady of Dreams

Patron of Moon Elves

Chaotic good Quarterstaff CG, CN, NG Chaos, Good, Knowledge, Magic, Travel, Moon, Illusion, Elf
Shevarash The Black Archer

The Night Hunter

The Arrow Bringer

Chaotic neutral Longbow CG, CN, CE Chaos, Fury, Strength, War, *Retribution, Elf
Solonor Thelandira Keen-Eye

The Great Archer

The Forest Hunter

Patron of Wood Elves

Chaotic good Longbow CG, CN, NG Chaos, Good, Plant, War, Elf
Tethrin Veraldé The Shining One

The Master of Blades

Neutral Good Longsword LG, NG, CN Strength, Elf, War, Good, Elf
Vandria Gilmadrith The Steelheart

Lady of Grief

Lawful Neutral Longbow LG, NG, LN, N Law, Protection, War, Elf

Drow deities[edit]

Deity Title Alignment Favored Weapon Cleric Alignment Domains
Eilistraee The Dark Maiden

Lady of the Dance

Lady Silverhair

Chaotic good Bastard sword CG, CN, NG Chaos, Luck, Good, Protection, Moon, Portal, Drow
Kiransalee Lady of the Dead

The Revenancer

The Vengeful Banshee

Goddess of undead

Chaotic evil Dagger CE, CN, NE Chaos, Evil, Magic, Undeath, *Retribution, Drow
Ghaunadaur That Which Lurks

The Elder Eye

The Ancient One

God of ooze

Chaotic evil Warhammer CE, CN, NE Chaos, Darkness, Evil, Fury, Cavern, *Hatred, Drow
Lolth The Spider Queen

Queen of Spiders

Demon Queen of Spiders

Demon Queen of the Abyss

Queen of the Demonweb Pits

Weaver of Chaos

The Hunted, the Mother of Lusts,

Dark Mother of All Drow

Lady of Spiders

Patron of Drow

Chaotic evil Dagger CE, CN, NE Chaos, Darkness, Destruction, Evil, Trickery, Spider, Drow
Selvetarm Champion of Lolth

Thane of Lolth

The Spider That Waits

The Spider Demon

Prince of the Aranea

Lord of the Venomire

Chaotic evil Morningstar CE, CN, NE Chaos, Evil, Protection, War, Spider, Drow
Vhaeraun The Masked Lord

The Masked God of Night

The Shadow

The Masked Mage

Chaotic evil Shortsword CE, CN, NE Chaos, Darkness, Evil, Trickery, Travel, Drow
Zinzerena The Hunted

The Princess of the Outcasts

Chaotic neutral Shortsword CG, N, CN, CE Chaos, Death, Evil, Trickery, Drow

Dwarven deities[edit]

Deity Title Alignment Favored Weapon Cleric Alignment Domains
Abbathor Great Master of Greed

Trove Lord, The Avaricious

Wyrm of Avarice

Neutral evil Dagger Evil, Fury, Luck, Trickery, Trade, Dwarf
Berronar Truesilver The Revered Mother

The Mother Goddess

Matron of Home and Hearth

Mother of Safety, Truth and Home

Lawful good Morningstar Good, Healing, Law, Protection, Dwarf
Clangeddin Silverbeard The Father of Battle

Lord of the Twin Axes

The Giantkiller

The Goblinbane

The Wyrmslayer

The Rock of Battle

Lawful good Battleaxe Good, Law, Strength, War, Dwarf
Deep Duerra Queen of the Invisible Art

Axe Princess of Conquest

Daul of Laduguer

Patron of duergar

Lawful evil Battleaxe Earth, Evil, Law, War, Dwarf
Dugmaren Brightmantle The Gleam in the Eye

The Wandering Tinker

The Errant Explorer

Chaotic good Shortsword Chaos, Good, Knowledge, Protection, Dwarf
Dumathoin Keeper of Secrets under the Mountain

The Silent Keeper, The Mountain Shield

Patron of Shield Dwarves

True neutral Warmace Earth, Good, Law, Protection, Cavern, Dwarf
Gorm Gulthyn Fire Eyes, The Golden Guardian

The Sentinel

Lord of the Bronze Mask

The Eternally Vigilant

Lawful good Dwarven waraxe Good, Law, Protection, War, Dwarf
Haela Brightaxe Lady of the Fray


The Hard

Chaotic good Greatsword Chaos, Good, Luck, War, Dwarf
Laduguer The Exile

The Gray Protector

Master of Crate

The Slave Driver

The Taskmaster, The Harsh

Patron of duergar

Lawful evil Warhammer Evil, Law, Magic, Protection, Dwarf
Marthammor Duin Finder-of-Trails

The Watcher over Wanderers

The Watchful Eye

The Hammer, The Finder, The Wanderer

Neutral good Morningstar Earth, Good, Luck, Protection, Travel, Dwarf
Moradin The Soul Forger


The All-Father

The Creator

Lawful good Warhammer Earth, Good, Law, Protection, Dwarf
Sharindlar Lady of Life

Lady of Mercy

The Merciful, The Bountiful

The Shining Dancer

Chaotic good Flail Chaos, Good, Healing, Trickery, Moon, Dwarf
Thard Harr Lord of the Jungle Deeps


Chaotic good Kukri Animal, Chaos, Good, Plant, Dwarf
Vergadain God of Wealth and Luck

The Merchant King

The Trickster

The Laughing Dwarf

The Short Father

True neutral Longsword Earth, Luck, Knowledge, Trickery, Trade, Dwarf

Gnome deities[edit]

Deity Title Alignment Favored Weapon Cleric Alignment Domains
Baervan Wildwanderer God of forests Neutral good Spear Animal, Good, Plant, Protection, Travel, Gnome
Baravar Cloakshadow God of illusions Neutral good Dagger Good, Magic, Protection, Trickery, Illusion, Gnome
Callarduran Smoothhands God of stone, mining, the Underdark, svirfneblin True neutral Battleaxe Earth, Luck, Protection, Trickery, Gnome
Flandal Steelskin God of metallurgy Neutral good Warhammer Earth, Fire, Luck, Good, Gnome
Gaerdal Ironhand God of combat Lawful good Warhammer Good, Law, Protection, War, Gnome
Garl Glittergold God of gnomes Lawful good Battleaxe Law, Good, Protection, Trickery, Gnome
Segojan Earthcaller God of earth Neutral good Morningstar Animal, Earth, Good, Magic, Cavern, Gnome
Urdlen God of impulse, bloodlust Chaotic evil Unarmed strike Chaos, Evil, Earth, Fury, *Hatred, Gnome

Svirfneblin clerics can only select Segojan Earthcaller, Callarduran Smoothhands and Urdlen from the gnomish pantheon.

Halfling deities[edit]

Deity Title Alignment Favored Weapon Cleric Alignment Domains
Arvoreen God of defense Lawful good Shortsword Good, Law, Protection, War, Halfling
Brandobaris God of stealth True neutral Dagger Darkness, Luck, Magic, Trickery, Travel, Halfling
Cyrrollalee Goddess of trust Lawful good Club Good, Law, Luck, Protection, Halfling
Sheela Peryroyl Goddess of nature True neutral Sickle Air, Earth, Luck, Plant, Halfling
Urogalan God of the earth and the dead Lawful neutral Flail Death, Earth, Law, Protection, Halfling
Yondalla Goddess of creation, tradition, wisdom Lawful good Shortsword Good, Law, Luck, Protection, Halfling

Orcish deities[edit]

Deity Title Alignment Favored Weapon Cleric Alignment Domains
Bahgtru God of stupidity Chaotic evil Kukri Chaos, Evil, Fury, Strength, Orc
Gruumsh God of orcs, conquest, survival Chaotic evil Spear Chaos, Evil, Fury, Strength, War, Tyranny, Cavern, *Hatred, Orc
Ilneval God of war Neutral evil Longsword Destruction, Evil, Fury, War, Planning, Orc
Luthic Goddess of caves, wisdom, fertility Neutral evil Unarmed strike Darkness, Earth, Evil, Healing, Cavern, Orc
Shargaas God of thieves, night, Underdark Chaotic evil Shortsword Chaos, Darkness, Evil, Trickery, Orc
Yurtrus God of death/disease Neutral evil Unarmed strike Death, Destruction, Evil, Fury, Suffering, Orc


Deity Title Alignment Favored Weapon Cleric Alignment Domains
Finder Wyvernspur God of cycles Chaotic neutral Bastard sword
Garagos God of plunder Chaotic neutral Longsword Chaos, Destruction, Strength, War
Gargauth God of betrayal, political corruption Lawful evil Dagger Evil, Law, Luck, Trickery
Gwaeron Windstrom God of rangers Neutral good Greatsword Animal, Good, Knowledge, Plant, Travel
Herne God of the Hunt (worshiped by orcs of the High Forest) True neutral Spear N, NG, LN, CN, NE Animal, Travel, Strength
Hoar God of retribution Lawful neutral Spear Destruction, Law, Luck, War, Travel, Fate, *Retribution
Jergal God of funerals Lawful neutral Scythe Death, Law, Luck, Protection, Suffering, Fate
Lurue Goddess of intelligent non-humans Chaotic good Spear Animal, Chaos, Good, Healing
Red Knight Goddess of strategy/tactics Lawful neutral Longsword Knowledge, Law, Luck ,War ,Planning
Savras God of divination Lawful neutral Dagger Knowledge, Magic, Fate, Law, Protection
Sharess Goddess of hedonism Chaotic good Unarmed strike Chaos, Charm, Good, Trickery, Travel
Shiallia Goddess of woodland glades Neutral good Quarterstaff Animal, Good, Healing, Plant, *Renewal
Siamorphe Goddess of nobility Lawful neutral Mace Knowledge, Law, Luck, Magic, Planning
Valkur God of sailing Chaotic good Rapier Air, Chaos, Good, Protection

Mulhorandi deities[edit]

Deity Title Alignment Favored Weapon Cleric Alignment Domains
Anhur God of war and weather Chaotic good Falchion CG, CN, NG Chaos, Good, Strength, War, Storm
Geb God of the earth, minerals, and mining True neutral Quarterstaff LN, N, CN, NG, NE Earth, Protection
Hathor Goddess of fertility and motherhood (female only) Neutral good Shortsword LG, NG, CG Fate, Good, Moon
Horus-Re Leader of the pantheon; god of the sun, kings, rulership, and life Lawful good Scimitar (Kopesh) LG, LN, NG Good, Law, Retribution, Sun
Isis Goddess of good magic and agriculture Neutral good Dagger LG, NG, CG Storm, Water, Good, Magic
Nephthys Goddess of trade and wealth Chaotic good Flail (Whip) CG, CN, NG Chaos, Good, Protection, Trade
Osiris God of death and the dead Lawful good Flail LG, LN, NG Good, Law, Plant
Sebek God of wetland and river hazards, danger Neutral evil Spear LE, NE, CE Evil, Animal, Water
Set God of evil, drought, destruction, and the desert Lawful evil Spear LE, LN, NE Air, Darkness, Evil, Law, Magic, Pride
Thoth God of knowledge, secrets, and academic debate True neutral Quarterstaff N, CN, NE, NG, LN Knowledge, Magic, Spell

Untheric deities[edit]

Deity Title Alignment Favored Weapon Cleric Alignment Domains
Gilgeam God-King of Unther Lawful evil Warhammer (Heavy Mace) LE, LN, NE Air, Strength, Tyranny, War
Tiamat Dragon goddess of greed, queen of evil dragons Lawful evil Light Hammer (Heavy Pick) LE, LN, NE Law, Evil, Tyranny