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 Polymorph System[edit]

Radial Menu[edit]

BGTSCC has introduced a new spell system which allows a transmuter to select from more then 70 forms.

Polymorph Mechanic[edit]

  • Monk AC is disabled during wildshape, polymorph and shapechange.
  • Natural AC from Palemaster, Frostmage and Dragon Disciple is disabled during polymorph and shapechange.
  • Spellslot loss fixed.
  • Item properties merge with new shape. Only best slot merges.
  • Natural, Deflection, and Armor AC from items merge, dodge AC does not merge.
  • Permanent weapon enchantments carries over to creatures who use weapons. Temporary ones are removed to avoid an exploit.
  • Weapon Feats: Unarmed do not convert to Weapon Feats: Creature.
  • Damage Reduction derived from Shapechange now works.
  • 100% Spellcasting Failure has been added to Polymorph and Shapechange to prevent exploiting.
  • All forms have been rebalanced.
  • Forms are selected through the feat Shape Shift, which is granted by the spells. For the duration this feat can be used to shift between all available shapes.

Polymorph Focus[edit]

Similiar to conjuration and necromancy, Transmutation focus will grant boni to polymorph and shapechange.

  • Transmutation focus grants +1 AC to polymorph and shapechange forms.
  • Greater Transmutation focus grants a total of +2 AC to polymorph and shapechange forms.
  • Epic Transmutation focus grants a total of +4 AC to polymorph and shapechange forms.
  • Red Wizard Spec: Transmutation grants +1 AC to polymorph and shapechange forms.

Augment Form[edit]

Type of Feat: General

  • Prerequisite: Spellfocus Transmutation.
  • Specifics: The character becomes skilled with spells and abilities that allow him to assume another form. For the duration, the character’s base attack bonus becomes medium (unless its already higher) but cannot exceed the character’s HD. As example, a 10 Wizard 10 Eldritch Knight will have 17 BAB.
  • Affected Spells and Abilities: Polymorph, Shapechange.
  • Has been added to the feat list of Archmage, Hierophant and many other PrCs.
  • Contrary the feat description your base attack bonus does not become medium for your level. Nor does it matter if your new BAB would become greater than medium BAB of a character of your level. Instead, this feat actually just treats your low BAB classes as if they were medium BAB classes for the purposes of calculating your new BAB while shape shifted.

Polymorph Forms[edit]

Major Roleplay Forms[edit]

  • Kobold (Kukri, Sling)
  • Goblin (Rapier, Spear)
  • Gnoll (Halberd)
  • Orc (Longsword, Crossbow)
  • Troglodyte (Spear)
  • Minotaur (Greataxe)
  • Ogre (Warmace)
  • Gloura (Dagger)
  • Drider (Scythe, Longsword, Crossbow)
  • Kenku (Shortsword, Bow)
  • Human (Longsword)
  • Elf (Rapier)
  • Dwarf (Greataxe)
  • Drow (Rapier)
  • Duergar (Greataxe)
  • Sahuagin (Spear)
  • Troll
  • Yeti
  • Gargoyle
  • Hook Horror
  • Worg

Minor Roleplay Forms[edit]

  • Rat
  • Bat
  • Weasel
  • Snake
  • Beetle
  • Spiders
  • Cat
  • Dog
  • Deer
  • Badger
  • Lizard

Shapechange Forms[edit]

Monstrous Forms[edit]

  • Hill Giant
  • Fire Giant
  • Frost Giant
  • Maur
  • Werwolf
  • Mind Flayer
  • Clay Golem
  • Hydra

Dragon Forms[edit]

  • Red Dragon
  • Black Dragon
  • Blue Dragon
  • Bronze Dragon
  • Mist Dragon

Undead Forms[edit]

  • Nightwalker
  • Skeleton
  • Zombie

Planar Forms[edit]

  • Planetar
  • Moon Dog
  • Arboreal Fey
  • Marut
  • Death Slaad
  • Erinye
  • Cornugon
  • Palrethee
  • Hezrou
  • Bebilith

Shapechange Stats[edit]