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Summoning System[edit]

Radial Menu[edit]

BGTSCC has introduced a new spell system which allows a conjurer to select from more then 20 creatures to choose from.


Creature Slots[edit]

"Summoned" Creatures go into different slots:

  • Summon Slot (Summon Creature, Planar Calling, Palemaster's Vampire, Deadwalk, Epic Gate, etc)
  • Cohort Slot (Blackguard's Hellhound, Thaumaturge's Cohort, Dreadmaster's Cohorts)
  • Illusion Slot (Malicious Image, Programmed Image, etc)
  • Copy Slot (Shadow Simulcarum)
  • Dominate Slot (Dominate Person, Dominate Monster)
  • Swarm Slot (Lure Shadow Demons, Animate Dead, Conjure Animals, Conjure Metalman, etc)
  • Animal Slot (Animal Companions, Techsmith's Gondsman, Negative Plane Avatar)
  • Familiar Slot (Familiars, Improved Familiars)

Conjuration Spells & Scaling[edit]

All summons have been adjusted to following:

  • Summon Creature I: 2 HD Beast
  • Summon Creature II: 4 HD Beast
  • Summon Creature III: 6 HD Beast
  • Summon Creature IV: 8 HD Beast
  • Summon Creature V: 10 HD Beast or Elemental
  • Summon Creature VI: 12 HD Beast or Elemental
  • Summon Creature VII: 14 HD Beast or Elemental
  • Summon Creature VIII: 16 HD Beast or Elemental
  • Summon Creature IX: 18 HD Beast or Elemental
  • Lesser Planar Binding(5): 8 HD Outsider
  • Planar Binding(6): 10 HD Outsider
  • Greater Planar Binding(8): 14 HD Outsider
  • Planar Ally(6): 10 HD Outsider
  • Planar Ally, Greater(8): 14 HD Outsider
  • Gate(9): 18 HD Outsider
  • Epic Gate: 20 HD Outsider or 24 HD Elemental
  • Lure Shadow Demons(8): 16 Outsider
  • Conjure Shadows(3): 6 Rogue
  • Call Elementals(6): 14 HD Elemental
  • Airball(8): 16 HD Elemental
  • Call Shadow Pack(5): 10 HD Outsider
  • Conjure Metalmen(8): 16 HD Outsider
  • Conjure Spiders(7): 14 HD Vermin
  • Revenance(4): 8 HD Paladin or Favoured Soul
  • Sand Warriors(4): 8 HD Fighter
  • Summon Ibrandlin(6): 12 HD Dragon
  • Phantom Wolf(8): 16 HD Magical Beast
  • Phantom Bear(9): 18 HD Magical Beast

Spellfocus Conjuration[edit]

All summons can be further improved (to a max limit of 24 HD) by:

  • Conjuration focus grants +1 HD.
  • Greater Conjuration focus grants a total of +2 HD.
  • Epic Conjuration focus grants a total of +4 HD.
  • Red Wizard Spec: Conjuration grants +1 HD.

Swarm Spells[edit]

Such as Lure Shadow Demons, Conjure Metalmen that conjure up to 4 creatures for a short time.

They are not benefiting from Extend Summoning (Thaumaturge Feat).

Planar Calling[edit]

Planar Calling Spells bring extraplanar creatures to the material plane. These are considered planar calling:

  • Lesser Planar Binding
  • Planar Binding, Greater
  • Planar Binding
  • Planar Ally
  • Greater Planar Ally
  • Gate
  • Epic Gate

Creatures by alignment[edit]

  • Good --> Good and Neutral creatures.
  • Neutral --> Good, Evil and Neutral creatures.
  • Evil --> Evil and Neutral creatures.


  • Moon Dog
  • Justice Archon
  • Sword Archon
  • Hound Archon
  • Movanic Deva
  • Monadic Deva
  • Astral Deva
  • Planetar
  • Solar
  • Half-Celestial Treant
  • Coure
  • Firre
  • Bralani
  • Ghaele
  • Shiradi
  • Tulani
  • Asura
  • Imp
  • Hell Hound
  • White Abishai
  • Bueroza
  • Erinye
  • Brachina
  • Canomorph
  • Dogai
  • Cornugon
  • Paeliryon
  • Pit Fiend
  • Quasit
  • Barl-gura
  • Juvenile Nabassu
  • Palrethee
  • Succubus
  • Shadow Demon
  • Bebilith
  • Hezrou
  • Nabassu
  • Goristro
  • Balor
  • Red Slaad
  • Green Slaad
  • Gray Slaad
  • Blue Slaad
  • Death Slaad
  • White Slaad
  • Marut
  • Efreeti
  • Djinn
  • Jann
  • Nightwalker
  • Qorrashi
  • Shadow Mastiff

Named Planar Beings[edit]

A host of unique planar beings have been added to the game (and more will be added over time), and can be called if a caster learns their proper name. Once an unbound being is called to a caster they will undergo a negotiation for the price of the being's services. If the caster agree and pay the price, the being will be bound to the caster and can henceforth be called upon and considered an ally.

How to learn the proper name of a planar being

The DM team can leak a name as part of an event, as a reward, as a clue, or any other way they see fit. They can also easily create new beings fitting their story lines as they see fit. But don't expect finding the proper name of a being to be easy, they tend to keep those secret for a reason. 

Rare books called 'Dusty Tome' have been added to the loot tables that, with the right lore skills, can be deciphered and potentially reveal a proper name of a planar being. If you fail to decipher such a book, you can let someone else try who might have better lore/knowledge in the area. Make sure it is someone you trust though, or they could steal the knowledge in the book. The main function of the books are as lore nodes: if successfully deciphered, the book will reward some XP and its description will be updated with a lore text. For a few of the books, that lore text will contain the proper name of a planar creature.  

Finally, a proper name can be a very valuable trade commodity. You are free to share a name (or sell it) as you see fit. But remember, these beings are unique, two casters can't both call on the same one at the same time. So most casters would probably want to keep a proper name secret.

How to call a planar being using its proper name

To call a planar being by its proper name you need a Planar Focus, and it needs to be of sufficient quality depending on the creature's HD. The only known material to be able to function as a focus is a diamond. Three tiers of diamonds can be used:

  • Diamond: lesser beings up to 15 HD
  • Canary Diamond: beings up to 20 HD
  • Blue Diamond: higher beings with no known limits

If you target one of these gems with a planar calling spell, you will be able to inscribe it with a name, and then call on that being for negotiation. The negotiation includes a diplomacy check for determining the price that the being requires for its services, and the alignment distance between being and caster will influence it as well (may even make negotiation impossible). If you pay the price for the being's services the being will be bound to that gem and the gem becomes a Planar Focus bound to you. To call a being bound to a Planar Focus, use the appropriate calling spell and target the focus with it, and the being will be called.

Requirements for a successful calling

  • The called being must be available, i.e., not be called by someone else and not be recovering from a death. If not available you will be notified that your call isn't being answered.
  • Each being has a minimum required calling spell level. If you use a spell that is too weak the being is able to resist your call entirely.
  • Each being has a minimum required caster level. If your caster level is too weak the being is able to resist your call entirely.
  • The gem used as focus must be of sufficient quality to bind the being. See above.

Final notes

  • When inscribing the proper name into the gem, a Lore: The Planes skill check may reveal some information on the being before you call it.
  • If a being is killed, it will not be possible to call it again for 24 hours. This "cooldown" may be increased later, or other penalties considered. Don't let a called being die, that is not part of the agreement you made with it...
  • These beings can be stronger, smarter, weaker, uglier, even completely different from those normally called by the calling spells. But they are all subject to QC/dev balance so don't expect to be calling demi gods (well you can always ask a DM to let you do it and see if you survive it) 
  • The beings are unique and static in their power. The spell and focus have no effect on the power of the being, only requirement is that both are good enough to fit the specific being.
  • And probably a bunch of other things that I forget to mention right now.

Beings that are called through their proper name can be more powerful than their generic counterpart. They might have adjusted stats, special feats, spells and hitpoints. However their power comes at at cost and is always paid in gold.

Unique beings can have increased HD

  • Lesser Planar Binding(5): 11 HD Outsider
  • Planar Binding(6): 13 HD Outsider
  • Greater Planar Binding(8): 15HD Outsider
  • Planar Ally(6): 13 HD Outsider
  • Planar Ally, Greater(8): 15 HD Outsider
  • Gate(9): 19 HD Outsider
  • Epic Gate: 22 HD Outsider or 26 HD Elemental

An example:

"The Wishmaster" is an enormous powerful paeliryon devil, that has the power to grant wishes. Although he warns anyone who requests a wish, that a host of devils will be released upon the summoner's beloved, resulting in their death - if they are lucky, or dragged to hell if they are not.

"The Wishmaster" can be summoned via the epic gate feat and has a DC 34 diplomacy check during the negotiation. Unless you beat the diplomacy check he asks for 400.000 gold for his service. "The Wishmaster" is a 22 HD paeliron with +4 Int,+4 cha, +2 AC and the ability to cast the epic spells "Hellball" and "Ruin".

(Note: The asking for a wish has to be requested to a DM and is subject to his interpretation.)

Animating the Dead[edit]

Necromancy (Summoning)[edit]

All undead summons have been adjusted to following:

  • Animate Dead(4): HD = (CL*2)/number of undeads or CL*3 if desecrated.
  • Create Undead(6): 10 HD Fighter
  • Create Baneguard(6): 12 HD Fighter
  • Create Greater Undead (8): 16 HD Fighter or Warlock
  • Army of Dead (8): 16 HD Fighter, Blackguard or Wizard

Spellfocus Necromancy[edit]

All undead summons can be further improved by:

  • Spellfocus Necromancy: +1 HD
  • Greater Spellfocus Necromancy: +1 HD
  • Red Wizard Specialist (Necromancy only): +1 HD
  • Epic Spellfocus Necromancy: +2 HD

The Dead Walk (Warlock Invocation)[edit]

Like before, this upgrades at 12 and 21 but now summons two different types:

  • Skeleton: 7 HD, 10 HD, 16 HD (offensive mix of Undead/Fighter)
  • Zombie: 9 HD, 13 HD, 19 HD (defensive mix of Undead/Fighter)

Furthermore they can be improved by taking the Ability Focus - Invocations feat.