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Spell Information
Spell level : Innate level: 3, Cleric: 4, Druid: 3, Other: Cleric with Plant, Water domain 3
School : Necromancy
Descriptor(s) : Poison
Components : Verbal and Somatic
Range : Touch
Target/Area : Single
Duration : Instantaneous
Save : Fortitude Negates
Spell resistance : Yes

If you succeed at a melee touch attack, the target must make a Fortitude save or suffer the effects of a poison roughly equal to your spell save DC.

Gameplay Notes[edit]

This spell can be used to target opponents, or cast on a glove, weapon, or potion consumable. Poisons cast on gloves or weapons appear to last for 3 rounds (or per normal weapon application), while poison cast on potion consumables will apply non-ingested poison effects. Poisons cast on potion consumables will secretly *replace* any effect provided by the potion, unless [Neutralize Poison] is cast on the item (in which case the poison is removed and the potion works normally). Only the most recent poison applied (either by the Poison spell or by Ombra's poison system) will be taken into effect.

The poison provided will have a DC equal to [10 + CL/2 + casting modifier] (max 30), and provided from the following table:

[ DC: Poison name (Actual DC) (Primary effect / Secondary effect) ]

10: Nightshade (DC 10) (1 Dex / 1d2 Con)

11/12: Small Centipede Poison (DC 11) (1d2 Dex / 1d2 Dex)

13: Ettercap Venom (DC 13) (1d6 Dex / 2d4 Dex) [MINIMUM for Druid and Domain Clerics]

14: Medium Spider Venom (DC 14) (1d4 Str / 1d4 Int)

15/16: Large Spider Venom (DC 15) (1d6 Str / 1d6 Int) [MINIMUM for non-domain Cleric]

17: Abomination Venom (DC 17) (1d6 Con / 1d6 Con)

18: Huge Spider Venom (DC 18) (1d8 Str / 1d8 Int)

19: Urthanyk (DC 19) (1d6 Con / 2d6 Con)

20: Shadow Venom (DC 20) (2d6 Str / 2d6 Con)

21: Divine Poison (DC 21) (1d6 Con / 1d6 Dex)

22/23: Dragon Bile (DC 26) (2d6 Str / none)

24: Divine Poison (DC 24) (1d6 Con / 1d6 Dex)

25/26: Pit Fiend Ichor (DC 27) (1d6 Con / Death)

27: Divine Poison (DC 27) (1d8 Con / 1d8 Dex) [MINIMUM for any CL-30 caster]

28/29: Colossal Spider Venom (DC 28) (1d8 Str / 2d4 Int)

30+: Divine Poison (DC 30) (1d8 Con / 1d8 Dex)

Note: All "Divine Poisons" appear to be erroneously labeled by the poison system as "Black Adder Venom", but have the effects listed above.