Pack Horses

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Pack horses can be bought from select horse merchants. Each horse will come fully equipped with saddlebags and harness, and are bred and trained specifically for carrying heavy loads across long distances. Each merchant has several variations for sale, some stronger than others but also more expensive.

Horse Merchants[edit]

Horse Merchant Locations on the surface:

  • Soubar
  • Baldurs Gate, East Farmlands
  • Friendly Arm Inn
  • Beregost

Servant Merchant Locations in the underdark:

  • Sshamath Darkwoods (Ryldrar Zolavar)
  • Rockrun (Ordri Smootsigh)

Horse Merchant Services:

  • Sell/Buy pack horses
  • Stable horses
  • Help locate lost horses
  • Retrieve lost saddlebags in case the horse was killed (as part of buying a replacement horse)

Pack Horses[edit]

The weight carrying capacity of the horse is limited by its strength. Its saddlebag also has an upper limit of 100 items, regardless of item type. To interact with your horse you must start a conversation with it. It has the following options:

  • Lead the horse - it will then follow you wherever you go.
  • Tie the horse down - it will stay in that location, even after server reset.
  • Take the saddlebag off - allow you to access the inventory of the saddlebag.
  • Put the saddlebag on - contents of the saddlebag are persisted.
  • Name the horse - if it hasn't already been named.

When you log out, your horse will leave the server with you, regardless if you are leading it or it was tied down somewhere. And it will return once you log back in. If the horse dies, it is dead. You can buy a new one at a horse merchant and have the option to pay him to have all content of the old saddlebag retrieved.

BETA: This system is currently in BETA, and any items lost as a result of using the system will not be reimbursed. That said, it has passed internal testing and is expected to work as advertised. Should you experience any problems, be sure to file a bug report on the forums so errors can be dealt with as fast as possible.