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There is a fishmonger merchant in Ulgoth's Beard who sells the fishing gear and buys the catch through use of a store. You can fish at various places along the Sword Coast!

The fishing system is NOT intended to be a perfect replica of fishing in the real world. It is supposed to approximate fishing in an enjoyable manner. A player could spend 10 minutes here or there fishing, or could spend hours on end. However, a character won't be able to reap huge rewards in experience or gold even if he / she spends weeks on end fishing. The Sword Coast economy doesn't revolve around adventurer-fishermen.


  • Freshwater and saltwater fishing available.
  • 24 fish types to be caught -- 12 freshwater and 12 saltwater.
  • Environmental conditions, player qualities and fishing location can affect the catch chance and outcome.
  • Small XP awards for catching a rare fish.
  • Chance of catching a "prized" specimen (larger than usual).
  • Custom special effect for the cast, custom icons, custom equippable fishing rod.
  • Variable cast times and cast locations.
  • Text and visual feedback during a cast.
  • Stackable bait and stackable fish -- 10 per stack.
  • Fishing line and hook to be used on your fishing rod if your line snaps.

Chances of a Catch:

  • Every 3 ranks in survival +1% chance.
  • Rain gives +10%
  • dusk/dawn gives a +5%
  • A "good" spot gives +5% (though this is sort of random for salt water. Reeds/rocks etc are good for freshwater. There are less "good" spot's than "average" ones.

Implemented through the hard work of IamDeathComeForYou, Luna and the Quality Control testing crew!