Dynamic Encounters

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Dynamic Encounters is an umbrella of smaller sub-systems meant to bring the world more to live, and make it feel less static. Over time, the system will evolve as additional sub-systems are added and existing ones are improved. Some of these sub-systems will feed off each other.

Dynamic Challenge Rating[edit]

When a new encounter is spawned its challenge rating can be adjusted based on the player characters present in the area. The system is base-lined on the average level, of the party of the lowest level player character. If this base-line level is higher than the challenge rating of the spawned enemies, then the Dynamic CR system activates. For a solo player the CR can be increased by up to 2, and for groups, depending on size, up to 4. It will never be increased above the base-line level. It will not activate on levels below 5.

With increased challenge rating, comes increased XP and increased quality of dropped loot.

All this means that an area/encounter no longer has a static challenge rating, but rather a small challenge rating window.

Semi-Boss Encounters[edit]

Any encounter, anywhere on the server, can now include a semi-boss enemy leading his minions. These boss'es are generally selected from the strongest and toughest of the enemy ranks, and can potentially elevate a manageable encounter into a deadly one. But reward follow the challenge if you choose to engage this powerful foe!

Reactive Encounters[edit]

The enemies are not (necessarily) stupid and may react to the actions of adventurers. What this means is that player character actions are being observed and remembered by the enemies, and based on certain criteria, the enemies may employ certain strategies to counter the players. Some of these may be subtle, others will be harder to miss.

Area-based Random Encounters[edit]

This system will encompass a number of encounters and events that can activate for any player character at random (or as result of certain actions). Not all areas will have events associated, and each area will only have certain events available. Some events can be initiated by talking to a dynamically spawned NPC, others will just happen and the player character(s) can stumble into it. The following list are examples of events:

  • Mini quests (e.g. rescue a captured NPC, a bounty hunt contract, etc.)
  • Dungeon events (e.g. a secret treasure room, NPC faction warfare, etc.)
  • And more ;-)