Cursed Items

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Cursed Items, they are the bane of every adventurer! Fortunately a cursed item can be cleansed by a Remove Curse spell being cast on the item OR on the person that has such an item. If the latter is the case make sure the person has put the affected item in the first slot of his inventory.

There are many types of curses, these are some of the known types:

  • Polymorph when Equpped, An unfortunate soul was even turned into an Imp and killed by passing adventurers once
  • Blinding Curses when an item is Equipped
  • Radom Negative Item properties when an item is equipped
  • An Item switches on and off and may change item properties, then lose them
  • A disease or poison is inflicted when the affected item is equipped
  • The item may explode when used
  • The item may not function when used
  • The item may inflict damage when used
  • Many other types whicch are equally cursed!

There are several ways to discover if an item is cursed,[edit]

The most obvious one is equipping it. People with a high Lore or Spellcraft skill may be able to spot the curse before that happens though, for example when they first acquire the item. The difficulty class for detecting a curse depends on the cursed Item's worth. Items with high value have curses that are harder to detect. An Identify or Legend Lore spell will also assist a careful adventurer.

To get rid of curses it is highly recommended to seek out another player character capable of casting a remove curse spell on you.

System courtesy of Rasael.