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this page is outdated - look here : Cleric Domains

Clerics specialize in two areas of magical expertise called domains. These domains are selected when first becoming a cleric and cannot be changed. Domains grant added spells and sometimes a free feat or special ability.

Domain spells

A cleric gets one bonus domain spell slot at each level they receive a domain spell. When a cleric prepares a spell in a domain spell slot, it should come from one of his two domains (but NWN2 does not enforce this).

Domain List

A cleric chooses two domains at their first class level, ideally representing the deity they have chosen to follow. Each domain gives the cleric access to at least 2 domain spells he can cast that is added to his spell list, as well as possibly gaining a granted power. The cleric gets the granted powers of both the domains selected.

Cleric Domain Special Ability Spell Level
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
Air Uncanny dodge Call lightning Chain lightning Airball
Animal Animal companion Cat's grace Protection vs Insects True seeing Conjure Animals
Cavern Stonecunning Darkness Find the Path Pass Wall Earthquake Mass Pass Wall|
Chaos Slippery mind Color Spray Confusion Chaos
Cold Cold resistance 5 Creeping Cold Hypothermia Polar Ray
Darkness Blind Fight Blindness Deafness Conjure Shadows Call Shadow Pack Shadow Conjuration Power Word, Blind
Death Negative plane avatar       Phantasmal killer         Power Word, Kill
Destruction Smite infidel Rage Acid fog
Earth Toughness Stoneskin Energy immunity
Evil Able to turn outsiders Evard's black tentacles Weird
Fate Uncanny Dodge True Strike Scrying Bestow Curse Greater Bestow Curse Foresight
Fire Fire resistance 5 Fireball Wall of fire
Fury Battle Master Enlarge person Tenser's transformation
Good Aura of courage Magic circle against alignment Planar Binding, Lesser
Healing Empowered healing Cure serious wounds Heal
Illusion Disguise Self Ghostly Visage Phantasmal Killer Disguise Other Programmed Image Weird
Knowledge Extra spells Identify Knock Clairaudience Clairvoyance True seeing Legend lore
Law Iron Will Lionheart Hold Monster Mass Hold Person
Luck Luck of Heroes Freedom of Movement Spell Mantle, Greater
Magic Extra spells Mage armor Melf's acid arrow Assay resistance Greater Dispel Magic Spell mantle Blackstaff
Moon Turn Shapechangers, Lycanthropes, Wildshaped & Polymorphed Faerie Fire Moon Blade Moonfire
Planning Augury Clairaudience/Clairvoyance Greater Scrying Battle Precognition
Plant Entangle Barkskin Poison Mass camouflage Vine Mine
Portal Woodland stride Stabilize Portal Analyze Portal Teleport Seal Portal Teleportation Circle
Protection Divine protection Globe of Invulnerability, Lesser Energy immunity
Spell Skill Focus Spellcraft Mage Armor Anyspell Greater Anyspell
Spider Turn Spiders Spiderskin Spider Shape Conjure Spiders Creeping Doom
Storm Resist Energy Electricity 5/- Gust of Wind Call Lightning Ice Storm Whirlwind
Strength Divine Strength Bull's Strength Divine Power
Suffering Bear's Endurance Enervation Dirge Horrid Wilting
Sun Exceptional turning Searing Light Sunbeam
Travel Dimension Door Teleport Greater Teleport
Trickery Feint Grease Invisibility Confusion
Tyranny Spell Focus: Enchantment Scare Fear Dominate Person Charm Monster Dominate Monster
Undeath Extra Turning Animate Dead Create Greater Undead
War Weapon Focus Caltrops Flame Strike Tanglefoot Power Word, Stun
Water Evasion Poison Ice storm